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Set Screw Conduit Connector Rigid Pipe Fitting
- Jun 28, 2016 -

Product Detail

Basic Info
  • TrademarkSea Wave

  • Specification:ISO9001

  • Origin:China

Product Description
Material: Zinc Alloy
Protection rating: IP67
Furnished with insulating liner
Plated: Zinc, chrome, nickel

Product Features
1. Patented split gland-ring is designed to slip into the conduit quickly and go grip the jacket of the conduit, speeding installation, assuring a perfect seal, and preventing pullouts.
2. All components are reused. Guali-Flex liquid tight connector can be easily disassembled and reused after years of service.
3. Sealing washer (included) provides a liquid tight seal when terminating the connector in a threadless opening.
4. Heavy duty locknut included with every Guali-Flex liquid tight connector assures continuity of ground.
5. All metallic components are electro plated for adding corrosion protection.
6. Bodies- 3/16" to 4" iron, stainless steel or brass; Locknuts-3/16" to 4" iron, stainless steel or brass.

1. For use in outdoor or indoor locations on flexible metallic conduit or liquid tight conduit in Power plant, Power transmission system, communication system, building factory, railway, train, transportation system project, air conditioner, various machines, automates controlling plant. And protecting the electrical wire or cable outside the construction and plant.
2. Use to positively bond the conduit to a box or enclosure.

Products & Service
* Squarelocked & Interlocked galvanized flexible conduit
* Squarelocked & Interlocked stainless steel conduit
* PVC coated steel conduit
* Liquid tight flexible conduit
* Heavy duty waterproof conduit
* Stainless steel braided conduit & cable sleeve
* Explosion proof flexible conduit
* Non-metallic liquid tight conduit (polyamide, polythene, polypropylene)
* Split nylon corrugated conduit
* Liquid tight flexible conduit connector
* 45 degree & 90 degree conduit box connector
* EMT conduit union & Conduit to pipe coupling
* Brass & nylon cable gland
* Conduit pipe clamp
* Conduit pipe reducer & extension
* EMT conduit bushing & locknut
* Electrical conduit ferrules
* OEM is welcome