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Description Of Flexible Steel Waterproof Casing
- Nov 09, 2018 -

1. Flexible filler materials: bitumen flax, polystyrene board, polyvinyl chloride foam plastic board.

2. Sealing paste: sulfur sealing paste and polyurethane sealing paste.

3. In case of non-concrete wall, concrete wall shall be partially used at the place where the casing penetration wall occurs. The casting range shall be 200 larger than the diameter of wing ring (D5), and the casing shall be cast in the wall at one time.

4. The thickness of concrete wall at the pipe penetration shall not be less than 300, otherwise the wall shall be thickened on one side or both sides, and the diameter of the thickened part shall be at least D5+200.

5. The weight of casing shall be calculated as L=300. If the wall thickness is greater than 300, it shall be calculated separately.