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Annular Bellows
- Dec 07, 2018 -

Annular bellows are tubular shells with closed circular rings, and the waves are connected by annular waves in series. Circular corrugated pipe is formed by seamless or welded pipe. Restricted by the processing mode, the length of a single pipe is usually shorter than that of a spiral bellows. The advantages of ring bellows are good elasticity and small stiffness. Corrugated hose corrugated hose as a flexible pressure pipe fittings installed in the liquid delivery system, to compensate for pipe or machinery, equipment to connect the displacement of each corrugated hose to absorb vibration energy and can play a role reducing vibration, sound, etc, has good flexible, lightweight, corrosion resistance, fatigue resistance, high and low temperature resistant characteristics. Plastic hose plastic hose is divided into two kinds, one is completely air-tight, water-tight, such as for the carrier rocket propellant transport, gas, water heater; Another kind of plastic hose is to take makings to coil continuously, the bellows of common coil is used at protecting cable, for example magnetic card telephone, machine tool, and the bellows of desk lamp is clip steel wire in production process. Rubber hose rubber hose.